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Files to Dowload:

If file downloads as ".zip", watch this video: Download Excel File Shows Up As Zip?

1) Files to Download for Book and DVD

2) In Class Files:
Week1 (.xlsx file type)
Week2 (.xlsm file type)
Week3 (.xlsm file type)
Week4-5 (.xlsm file type)
Week6 (.xlsx)
Week7 (.xlsx)
Week8 (.xlsx)
Week9 (.xlsx)
Week10and11.xlsm (.xlsm)

Extra Videos and Workbooks:

Video Link:Excel Cell References 15 Examples Formulas, Conditional Formatting & Data Validation
Workbook: Formula Inputs, Cell References and Assumption Tables  (.xls file type)

Video Link: Excel Magic Trick 778: INDEX & MATCH Functions Beginning To Advanced (18 Examples)
Workbook: WorkbookExcelMagicTricks778  (.xlsx file type)

Video Links:
Excel Magic Trick 779: SUMIFS Faster Than SUMPRODUCT & TEXT When Using "Jan" Month Criteria
Excel Magic Trick 783: Date Functions & Formulas (17 Examples)
Excel Magic Trick 786: Dynamic 5 Week Chart Example When Formulas Better Than PivotTable
Workbook:WorkbookExcelMagicTricks779-786StartFile&FinishedFile (.xlsx file format)

Video Links:
Excel Magic Trick 777: SUMPRODUCT Function -- Basics To Advanced (14 Examples)
Excel Magic Trick 777.5: SUMPRODUCT Function OR Criteria, 2 Tips: TRUE+FALSE & TRUE+TRUE
Excel Magic Trick 777.75: SUMPRODUCT Solves: SUMIF Won't Calculate From Closed Workbook
WorkbookExcelMagicTricks777StartFile&FinishedFile (.xlsx file format)
WorkbookExcelMagicTricks777.5StartFile&FinishedFile (.xlsx file format)
WorkbookExcelMagicTricksSourceData777.5StartFile&FinishedFile (.xlsx file format) 
WorkbookExcelMagicTricks777.75StartFile&FinishedFile (.xlsx file format) 

Video Link:
Excel Magic Trick 787: Conditional Formatting Basic To Advanced (30 Examples)
Workbook: WorkbookExcelMagicTricks787  (.xlsx file type)

Video Link for Week 11 Macro In Class Examples:
Excel Magic Trick 923: Recorded Macro Basics: Click Button To Move Data To Table On Another 



Old 214 Classes:

oldclass (contains links to three old classes - just out of curiosity)