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IF YOU ARE USING EXCEL 2007, because these all have the file extension ".xls", if you want the Pivot Tables to look the same as in the videos, after you create the Pivot Table, right-click the Pivot Table, point to Pivot Table Options, click on the Display tab, then uncheck the checkbox “Classic Pivot Table layout”.

Watch videos three different ways:

1) Custom Player, click and watch here (21 videos, 210 minutes):

2) Click on link to go to YouTube and watch videos (21 videos, 210 minutes)

Stats 12: Categorical Frequency Distribution w Formulas
Stats 13: Column Chart From Frequency Distribution:
Stats 14: Categorical Relative & Percent Freq. Dist. w Formulas
Stats 15: Categorical Freq. Dist. Pie Chart w Pivot Table &
Stats 16: Categorical Cross Tabulation with Pivot Table
Stats 17: Categorical Cross Tabulation with Formulas (Not required for class)
Stats 18: Pareto Chart for Categorical Data See how to create  (Not required for class)
Stats 19: Grouping Categories w Formula & Pivot Table
Stats 20: P1 Quantitative Freq. Dist. w Formulas
Stats 21: P2 Quantitative Freq. Dist. w Formulas
Stats 22: Histogram & Ogive Charts & % Cumulative Frequency
Stats 23: Skew in Histograms
Stats 24: Quantitative Freq. Dist. w Pivot Table
Stats 25: % Freq. Dist.& Histogram w Pivot Table
Stats 26: Cumulative Freq. Dist w Pivot Table
Stats 27: Dot Plot Chart w REPT & COUNTIF functions
Stats 28: Stem & Leaf Chart w REPT & COUNTIF functions (Not required for class)
Stats 29: Quantitative Cross Tabulation W Pivot Table
Stats 30: Scatter Diagram for 2 Quantitative Variables
Stats 31: Histogram using Data Analysis Add-in
Excel Statistics 32: Frequency Distribution Summary (Pivot Table & Formula)


3) Click on link to go to YouTube Playlist (21 videos, 210 minutes):
Excel Statistics Business Class Ch02: Descriptive Statistics

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