WA Auditor Excel Files:

Power Query Video to watch:
    E-DAB 06: Excel Data Analysis & BI Basics: The Magic of Power Query to Import, Transform & Load Data  ( 26:39 min)
All files needed to follow along with video and do homework are in this zipped folder you can download: DownloadFilesForEDAB06.zip
If you want, you can donwload files individually:
    Excel Start File: E-DAB-06-PowerQuery-Start.xlsx
    Excel Finished File: E-DAB-06-PowerQuery-Finished.xlsx
    Text files for video example #1: Ex01March2019.txt , Ex01April2019.txt
    Text Files for Example #2: EB25FileDownloads.zip
pdf notes:  E-DAB-06-PowerQuery.pdf

Homework #2 Text File  HW02CarDealerSurveyData.txt
Assigned Homework:   In the above Excel Download file named "E-DAB-06-PowerQuery-Start.xlsx " at the end of the worksheets are 2 problmes for you to complete. The problems are on the blue sheets and the answers are on the red sheets.  Text file for Homework #2 is above and is named "HW02CarDealerSurveyData.txt ".     

Relationships Video to watch:  Excel Basics 21: Relationships Rather than VLOOKUP for PivotTable Reports (Excel 2016 Data Model)   ( 21:34 min)
Start file for Video/Class Project to download:  EB21-PivotTablesRelationshipsStart.xlsm   
Finished file for Video/Class Project to download (example of how file looks after video is over):  EB21-PivotTablesRelationshipsFinished.xlsm   and  EB21-PivotTablesVLOOKUPFinished.xlsm    
Handout to download:  Office2016Class33-ExcelBasics21PivotTablesRelationships.pdf 
Assigned Homework: HW # 1 at the end of the Excel workbook for this video.


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